Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Astral Action Design: NAC Faction

 The NAC from the Full Thrust line of miniatures has the following description from the Star Ranger site:

The Royal Navy employs largely general-purpose ships (with the exception of the Fighter Carrier classes), using a broad mix of weapons and systems - beam batteries, pulse torpedoes and some salvo missile systems. They have some specialized designs for duties such as minelaying and sweeping, planetary bombardment and such, but the majority of fleet units are versatile multi-role ships. Energy screens are the primary passive defense, though some hull armour is also employed especially on the heavier units. Mobility is generally average-to-good, with very few ships having less than thrust-4 drives. Fighter operations doctrine is to base them on specialized carriers which rely primarily on supporting escort ships for their defense.

When I inquired from for feedback from Lore on the Facebook group, I received feedback that was summarized by the following:

NSL: Slow, Strong Hull/Armor

NAC: Speed and Screens

FSE: Speed and Missiles

ESU: Slow, Strong hull/Screens

Blackstar Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer(s)