Friday, January 1, 2021

NAC Tallahachie Destroyer

The oldest ship chassis still in service, the Tallahachie destroyer has served since its original designation as the Osage class during the First Solar War.  It was one of the first NAC warships to feature the iconic spearhead design, as it was found to more efficiently shape the particle acceleration field that envelops the NAC ships during FTL flight.  Built as tough as possible to withstand the rigors of space combat, the success of the destroyer's design was a key reason for the assertation of the NAC as a major power.  

By the time the of the Second Solar War, the Osage had been redesignated as the Shenandoah class and updated with comprehensive shield defenses.  The Shenandoah worked well with the popular Suffolk class cruisers (the predominant NAC flagships at the time), as they were matched in ability to change heading and were able to keep with each other in unified fronts.


Historians have noted that while the Tallahachie and its predecessors have had the longest history of service, it was not a completely concurrent period.  Before the Third Solar War, a new design replaced the Shenandoah, known as the Ticonderoga, as an attempt to refresh the role of the destroyer class from a brawler to a fast flanker.  While the Ticonderoga became a proven success, the implementation of the Lance beam weapons into the NAC arsenal proved problematic for the new design.  The reduction of the technology to fit into a frame the size of a destroyer required a suitable amount of stabilization and heat-dispersion hardware to brace and surround the Lance, which the Ticonderoga could not support.

It was discovered that the Shenandoah, which had never fully gone out of production, was able to be modified to fit the Lance.  By updating its shielding system to the more modern, lower volume projectors, the chassis could make use of its efficient design to mount a Lance, making it the smallest ship in the NAC to do so.  This prompted the change to its current designation, the Tallahachie class destroyer.

While the Tallahachie performs well as a line ship in the NAC's typical battle formations, it will often be paired as an escort to a larger ship such as a Suffolk class cruiser or convoy ships, as well as deploying for solo patrols.  Because of its defensive focus and rugged reputation, it has become an excellent ship for breaking in new NAC crewmen, as well as a place for older hands to spend time before transferring into retirement.  This blend of new and accomplished personnel has served to quickly acclimate incoming naval officers and crewmen, allowing the NAC to more easily train an experienced force.

While there is a newcomer in this size category, the Tulsa class heavy destroyer, its focus on offense and maneuverability makes it seem unlikely that the Tallahachie will go out of production any time soon.

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